Unfortunately, the team has had to withdraw from participating in the WTR-Pacific

Keep us afloat!     


Marieke le Duc is born and raised in Zeeland (in the South-West of the Netherlands). Love connected her to water, she rows since 1999
and is mother of twins. For a long time she worked in youth and social care but changed to tuition to use the pile of experience she gathered in that line of work. She now works as teacher at Scalda,
the biggest MBO (secondary education) school in Zeeland in the adult education section Welfare.
She enjoys building a new future for her students, together with her likewise committed colleagues.
Stimulating personal growth is very rewarding for her.

In her spare time she is a keen lifeboat rower and entered many races with her team 'Paardekreek'
in Kortgene where she lives. A strong team that raced many races and won several prizes. With her
husband Martijn and twins of 14 years she spends as much time as possible on or near the water.
She was the last woman who joined the Atlantic Dutchesses and had to do a lot in little time. Getting
physically and mentally strong and getting organised so she could leave shore. And she managed
it well. Just like her family in the time she was rowing the Atlantic Ocean.

She loved rowing the Atlantic Ocean. The shifts were sometimes heavy and the days were long. She
loved rowing by night and enjoyed the Ocean as it was; big, rough and sometime tough.
Nevertheless, she felt she was getting stronger by the week and the Atlantic Dutchesses won the
Female class and 7 th overall!
And this adventure made her loving rowing even more. Now she wants to row another ocean, the
Pacific Ocean, with Renate, her oceanrowingsister.
They know they are strong together, being each other’s safety-line.