Unfortunately, the team has had to withdraw from participating in the WTR-Pacific

Keep us afloat!     

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the main causes of death for women. On a daily basis no less than 57 women die! That is more than 2 women per hour. If we don't do anything about that, that number will increase. It has to stop! 

The problem is that diseases of the heart are not easily recognizes. Most research that is conducted concentrates on men. That is why the treatment should be different for women, now it is not very effective. 

Researchers of the University Medical Center in Utrecht work on a solution. A lot of research is being done, with the aim to treat cardiovascular diseases in women quicker and more effectively. 

We support that research with both our hearts! The research team of Hester den Ruijter deserves more attention, they do a great job over there! To support them we do what we love best: rowing. We row a lifeline for women's hearts.