Unfortunately, the team has had to withdraw from participating in the WTR-Pacific

Keep us afloat!     



Boot Düsseldorf is the worlds' most important boat fair and we were there! From 21-29th of January our working life didn't take place in the Netherlands, but on the Very Impressive Messe in Düsseldorf. 

It was an adventure in itself. Driving our boat ánd a campervan through the only snowstorm (so far) we've had in the Netherlands, miles of traffic jams, delays and finally we reached turn 29 for the Messe. 9 days later we drove back home again with a heart and mind full of impressions. 11 presentations, a zillion questions answered, and a sour throat of all the talking we did. 

But we enjoyed it. Throughly! Our main sponsor helped us out together with a friend from our shore-team. We met great people, crazy people, adventurous people, some rowers-to-be, all kinds of peddlers, producers of foldable canoes, sailers from all over the world, very interested people, hundreds of them. 

Lots of folks were so kind to sponsor plenty of days' rations, quite some companies were interested in helping us out in some way. We hope to redeem these commitments so we can move on with our campaign in even fuller speed! In spring we will pick up the oars again. We love talking oceans, but rowing an ocean still suits us a lot better :-)

A big thank you for Messe Düsseldorf and all the people there that helped us out!