Unfortunately, the team has had to withdraw from participating in the WTR-Pacific

Keep us afloat!     


We work, we care for our families, cook dinners,, we work some more, meet friends trying to have some social life and; we ROW. Yes, we still have time to row in our beloved Mare Fortuna. Not just because we have to do our training hours, mainly because we love it! Some things just feel so natural to do, as if our bodies are made to row. It feels so easy, so self-evident. 

In April we rowed two weekends on the Veerse Meer, our home-base. But; it's is not just about rowing. We check our gear, what to wear, we unpack the para-anchor, try our feetsteering device (does need some more practicing...), cook our meals - and try various brands, sleep, prepare breakfast in the morning after a cold night, feel every movement of the boat to get familiar once again with life on an ocean rowing boat. And yes it feels good! Sometimes we go smooth (tailwind) sometimes not (headwind) but we are outdoors doing the sport we love doing the most. So always happy faces on those rowing weekends, even if all the outdoors-hours lead to a hint of bags under the eyes... 

Beside the training hours, admin that comes with preparing an Ocean Challenge there's also time to do presentations. On an irregular basis we get the chance to talk about our experience on the Atlantic, explain the why, the how, and the what on earth makes you go again? Indoor and outdoor people get inspired, just what we love and hope to achieve.

Our circle of support grows and grows, and yes, do join us in our campaign!